About the author

david johnson


David was raised in a cult, was a teenage runaway living on the streets of Los Angeles and has lived all over America. He overcame addiction, PTSD and OCD to lead a happy life with his three cats on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He is a Food Service Director who loves conversation as well as comedy.

He was partially raised by his grandmother Dorothy who as a librarian instilled a deep love of words into him which resulted in David reading the dictionary as a child.

After finding faith David was told by God to tell his story. It took him nearly nine years to sift through his troubled childhood to put it down on paper. David has bared his soul because he fervently hopes that his story might help those who have lost all hope to find it once again.

David says “I welcome the opportunity to speak about my story because through faith I was able to release shame. I have learned that as people our greatest gifts are born from our deepest wounds.”

David and Cats