God is Real

Excerpt from my upcoming book – The Exactitude of Miracles

I’m not saying God always chips into our conversations. But I know He always listens and that is more than can be said of nearly every person on this rock spinning around its ho-hum star in the outer reaches of an impossibly vast galaxy. And for that I am grateful because in the end most of us fragile homo sapiens just want to be heard.

The day I realized God was real (as I drove from Milton to Janesville) I told him I had a hard time believing miracles like immaculate conception and the ark and Jonah in the whale. And he asked me in a Jewish stereotypical voice

“Haven’t you had miracles in your life?”

“Well, yes I have.”

“Soooo bubbeleh out of all the billions and billions of people to have lived and died on earth you’re the only one to have ever experienced a miracle?”

“I guess not.”

“So why are you wasting your time questioning whether they’re true or not?”

Suddenly I realized that what mattered was not the exactitude of miracles or proving their veracity but the fact that they exist.

The miraculous seed God sowed grew into hope and conviction that changed my life.







Blind Faith Image
Blind Faith

“Haven’t you had miracles in your life?”


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